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Are Sunset Weddings overrated?

Afternoon wedding on Sanibel Island

So, the question is, are Sunset Weddings overrated? Most weddings on Sanibel Island occur during the sunset hour. Yes, photographers call it the ‘golden hour’. For best results, a sunset wedding ceremony might take place an hour prior to the sunset. This gives the couple time to greet their guests after the ceremony and still have time for sunset photography. Some people might notice that at this ‘golden hour’ the sky and ocean appear warm and mellow, almost one and the same tonal range.

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Afternoon wedding


Daytime Weddings

With a daytime wedding, the visual landscape colors appear brighter and more contrasty. The daytime kelvin temperature provides this change of appearance between sunset and daytime. The sunlight is direct, embellishing the colors of the tropical green palms. The watercolor of the Gulf of Mexico reveals brighter and more intense colors, blue or green, depending on the season.

Downside of a Sunset Wedding

Firstly, there may not be a sunset! So many times, the day is beautiful, and clouds roll in to cover the potentially beautiful sunset. With an afternoon wedding, the ceremony can be delayed 10 or 30 minutes to wait for the afternoon rains to disappear.

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Afternoon Weddings on Sanibel Island

Are Sunset Weddings Overrated?

Ok, let’s consider the weather, and once the sunset happens, there is no turning back. Another thought, with sunset at 8:25pm during the summer, the celebration dinner will happen at 9pm. This might be an inconvenience for some and certainly we note that not many restaurants on Sanibel Island are open late into the evening.

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Sanibel Island Daytime Weddings