Patricia Slater's Weddings by the Sea

Sanibel Intimate Weddings

Sanibel intimate weddings at the Lighthouse

A sunrise wedding at the lighthouse on Sanibel Island is a popular venue for intimate weddings. Usually the wedding couple arrive to meet me and the photographer 15 minutes before sunrise. As the wedding officiant, I will have the flowers for the bride and groom. Some pictures are taken as the sun rises on this east end of Sanibel Island. We begin the ceremony with just a few shell seekers who might be walking in the distance.

daytime wedding

Married at 12 noon with vibrant colors of sky and water!

Sanibel Island Beach Weddings

It is well known that Sanibel Island has some of the best shelling in the world. In fact, Frommer’s declared that Sanibel Island has the best beaches! When we arrived to the perfect spot that the bride and groom picked out, Patricia started the intimate wedding ceremony. During the, the bride and groom collected sand and shells for a keepsake vase, this is known as the ‘sand ceremony’. When the marriage ceremony was finished, we continued with photographs of the bride and groom showing the beautiful Sanibel beach and lighthouse. After this Sanibel intimate wedding, we all left the beach and the couple went for a celebration breakfast. What a wonderful way to begin their new life together!

sunset wedding ceremony

Video of Wedding on Sanibel Island Beach

Sanibel Island Wedding Video

You can download this link to your computer for viewing a clip video of a wedding ceremony on Sanibel Island.


wedding couple at sunrise with lighthouse in background

Sunrise wedding at Sanibel Lighthouse


elopement photography

Wedding couple on secluded beach


wedding rings

Wedding rings and beach shell


intimate wedding ceremony at sunrise

Intimate wedding on Sanibel Island



Captiva wedding photo

Beach wedding on Captiva


bride and groom marry on Sanibel

Summer showers on intimate wedding


bride and groom kiss after beach wedding

Romantic beach wedding photography

Secluded Beach Wedding Ceremony on Sanibel Island

Patricia lives on Sanibel Island and as a resident she has exclusive access to a secluded beach. During your intimate ceremony, maybe a local resident might walk by and offer their congratulations. The secluded beach is for your two person with just a couple of guests due to parking regulations. This secluded beach photographs so well, below are a few images from this perfect and photogenic elopement venue on Sanibel Island.


wedding couple enjoy a secluded Sanibel beach

Sanibel Intimate Weddings

Wedding Photography

For over 20 years, I have had the joy to photograph weddings that Patricia officiates at. Patricia provides a warm and sincere wedding elopement ceremony. She does not ‘hire out’ her wedding ceremonies to part-time officiants. This is Patricia’s full time work. It is often that guests walk up to Patricia after the ceremony to say how the ceremony words moved them….Shown above is the special location that Patricia uses for many of her Sanibel intimate wedding ceremonies…..

~ frank simonetti

wedding couple with rainbow in background

Weddings and rainbows on Sanibel Island beaches

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Here are some wedding photographs of a ceremony Patricia officiated at in May. This was a fun elopement wedding, we all arrived at 06:30 and we all had smiles! So, we walked towards the Sanibel Lighthouse at sunrise, on the way we waved to the few fishermen on the fishing pier. We made some photographs with the sun rising over Fort Myers Beach then walked along the shore to the gulf side. Along the way, the bride and groom picked up sea shells.