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Romantic Florida Vow Renewals

Sanibel Island Vow Renewal Ceremony

When you look into each other’s eyes, you still see the same incredible person that you married. The smile, the spirit is still the same. But now there’s something deeper that comes from experience. You don’t have to ask, you already know the thoughts behind the eyes. The subtle gestures. The inner mirth. This is the reason for your romantic Florida vow renewal on Sanibel Island.

family photo after vow renewal ceremony

Family at Vow Renewal Ceremony

If you then what you know now, you’d marry your partner all over again. So why not do it? Life isn’t something to watch as it passes you by. You have to grab the moments to celebrate, knowing that these times will not pass this way again.

And where better to bring your family and friends together than on the romantic Florida coast? The gorgeous Fort Myers area offers a year-round tropical climate and incredible white-sand beaches. Off the coast, the world-renowned islands of Sanibel and Captiva have beaches stretching from the east to the west, providing incredible vantage points for sunrise and sunset. Imagine standing on the sugary-soft sand, gazing into the eyes of your beloved, as the waves gently lap the shore.

wedding vow renewal ceremony

Vow Renewal on beach with Children

Sanibel Beach Vow Renewals

As if gorgeous tropical beach weren’t enough, here are 5 more reasons to renew your wedding vows in the beautiful Fort Myers area:

  1. It strengthens your bond with your partner. Just as your first “I do” forever changed your relationship, rededicating yourself to your partner with your friends and family there to witness reinforces the ties between you. It’s one thing to think it, but standing in front of the people you care most about and declaring your love for your partner is an incredible way to show how much your truly value your relationship.
  2. For the kids. Children of all ages love to see their parents renew their wedding vows. Young children who probably missed the first time get to participate and enjoy the security that comes from the strength of their parents’ bonds. Older children find hope and inspiration for their own futures. Modeling a strong, healthy relationship helps to set your children up for success. Children also love searching for seashells in the Sanibel sand and racing the short distance from one side of Captiva Island to the other.
  3. To bring family and friends together. Great friendships last across the miles, but there is nothing like being there. Wedding vow renewal ceremonies are a wonderful reason to bring family and friends together across the miles to celebrate and share your love and joy.
  4. For fun. What could be better than sharing your vacation with the people you cherish the most? Visit Fort Myers Beach at sunset. Go kayaking in the backwaters of Sanibel. Look for herons, egrets, pelicans and other wildlife on Captiva Island. And there’s no extra charge for delighted laughter! And if you decide to “elope” alone, it’s a rare chance for a weekend away with nothing to distract you from your loving partner.
  5. To build lasting memories. As the years pass you start to appreciate the little things more and more. Years from now you will look at the photographs of these magical moments, frozen in time, and be transported back. The love and joy that you feel will forever be remembered.vow renewal ceremony photo

Just as memories from your wedding day are forever yours to treasure, the glow of happiness that you and your loved ones will share when you renew your wedding vows will warm your hearts for many years to come.

Your Vow Renewal with Family

When you invite your children to your vow renewal ceremony on the Sanibel Island beaches, it is a great opportunity for a family photo session. Steve and Mary arrived from Minnesota with their family to Sanibel Island. Before sunset, the family met for a family photo session at the Sanibel Island Lighthouse. After fun family pictures, they all arrived to my favorite secluded beach for a sunset ceremony. Here are some of the pictures that were created.

vow renewal photography

Family at parents vow renewal ceremony



Family photo

Family at Vow Renewal Ceremony