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Florida Marriage License Information

How to get a Marriage License in Person

Here is the new process as of December 2020 to obtain a marriage license from Lee County…

  • Go to Lee County Clerk of Court, FL
  • Click on marriage license box
  • Open and read about the process. Follow instructions
  • Fill out the application online
  • Send to clerk
  • A kiosk #_____ will be sent automatically
  • When ready, call the clerk (239-533-5007) for an appointment based on your arrival to this area
  • Ask for a date and time to meet clerk in person
  • Drivers license or passport will be required for identification
  • Fee is 86.00 and payable at that time
  • Marriage license will be generated by clerk and handed over to the couple
  • If you are a Florida resident, there is a 3 day waiting period. No waiting period for out of state or out of country couples.
  • Hand over the marriage license to officiant on day of your wedding
  • After the ceremony, the officiant will sign/stamp seal and mail back to courthouse
  • You will receive a certified copy directly from the clerk’s office within 2 weeks

The marriage license is valid for 60 days. I recommend that you start the process about 2-3 weeks before your wedding.

Call Patricia if you have any questions.

How to get a Marriage License by Mail

For Florida Residents and out of state-out of country couples, I am pleased to be able to offer this special service of Florida marriage licenses by mail. For couples wanting to be married on a weekend but not arriving in enough time to obtain a Florida marriage license by mail or couples just wanting the convenience of not having to travel to the Clerk of Courts Office….this is for you.

Keep in mind this process is by mail/FEDEX and not the same county that you would obtain the license in person.

Please read this step by step:

Go to

On homepage on the left under Administrative Services, click on Marriage License. Then on right under Marriage License Resources (7th line down) click on Marriage License Information Sheet, print two pages and fill in.

Some important info to note: On required premarital statement, notary or witnesses are not required. Premarital preparation course is not required. Witnesses are not required for the ceremony.

Read the family law handbook. Divorce papers are not required, just the date.

Mail the information sheet and premarital statement along with a check for $250 payable to Patricia Slater. Mail to: Weddings by the Sea, PO Box 672, Sanibel FL 33957

Here is some additional information

I will quote a price for couples from Canada and Europe. Fee includes 2 additional certified copies. There will be additional postage required for certified or return receipt if you want me to send final license back to you to hand over to your own officiant.

The marriage license is valid for 60 days. I will send payment to the clerk’s office and apply for your marriage license in appropriate time.  When I receive your marriage license from the Clerk’s Office, I will send to you the next day by FedEx. You will receive a prepaid FedEx envelope with one document which must be notarized. Send the notarized marriage license back to me in the enclosed prepaid FedEx envelope ASAP. I will continue the process. When I receive the marriage license back from the Clerk’s Office, with the effective date, I will keep it in your file until the wedding. If you are working with another officiant, I will forward the marriage to you or your officiant.

After the ceremony, the officiant will mail the completed marriage license to the Clerk’s Office. A certified copy will be mailed directly to you within 2-3 weeks.

Please let me know when you are ready to start the process. I recommend starting around 2 months prior to your wedding date. Thanks, it is my pleasure being able to offer this service to you!

Patricia 239-823-3497


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Information on Florida Marriage Licenses by mail


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Florida Marriage License Information

If you apply in person:

Patricia Slater is a wedding officiant on Sanibel Isl<script type=

Marriage licenses can be issued from any county in the State of Florida. The requirements vary. You can obtain a marriage license Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. legal holidays at the Lee County Administration Building, 2115 Second Street, downtown Fort Myers. Hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, best to apply early in day to avoid traffic. Licenses are available to both Florida residents and non-residents. Your application process takes 15-20 minutes.

When to apply:

Marriage licenses are issued immediately upon application and valid for 60 days from date of issue.

You must both appear together and must be 18 years old or over. You will then provide identification such as valid drivers license or passport showing picture and signature is required. For second marriage, date previous marriage ended is required. If legal name differs from name on drivers license then birth certificate is needed.


Blood Test:

A blood test is not required in the State of Florida.

Waiting Period:

You will have no waiting period for couples from out of state or out of the country. There is a three day waiting period or four hours of premarital counseling required for Florida residents.

License Fee:

Marriage license is $86.

Lee County Information:

Lee County Administration Building, 2115 Second Street, downtown Fort Myers. Hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, best to apply early in day to avoid traffic. Licenses are available to both Florida residents and non-residents. Process takes 15-20 minutes.


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