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Sanibel Island Elopement Packages

Many couples who are looking for Sanibel Island elopement packages rely on Patricia Slater for the planning details. Sure, it is much simpler to elope than have a wedding with many guests. That being said, some plans are still necessary. Patricia can help you choose a ceremony location, what to wear, budget, flowers, and photographer. With assistance on elopement packages information and you can decide whether you will invite a few close family and friends.

Captiva Elopement after Hurricane

Captiva Island looks wonderful with fresh green landscaping and clean beaches. Shown below is Stewart and Julianna at their July 15, 2023, elopement on Captiva Island. Originally, they were scheduled for their elopement last year, but the hurricane changed their plans. They stayed at Jensen’s on the Gulf. A charming Boutique Inn directly overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Elopement on Captiva Island

Captiva Island Elopement on July 15, 2023


Captiva Elopement

Captiva Elopement


bride on Captiva beach

Captiva Beach


Captiva Island Elopement

After Hurricane Elopement on Captiva Island

Sanibel Island is now open for your elopement!

I can assist you with recommendations to find a nice place to stay while on the islands. Along with some ideas for your celebration dinner, you can enjoy your elopement on Sanibel Island or Captiva Island! The islands are well known for their quality and quiet locations for your elopement venue. Shown here are photographs of elopements on Sanibel and Captiva Islands.


wedding couple on Sanibel Island beach

JUMP! Your secluded beach waits for your wedding ceremony.


ceremony on Sanibel

Elopement ceremony on Sanibel

Elopement Venue on Sanibel Island

For over twenty-five years Patricia Slater has been handling these details and much more for elopers from all over the world. The couples choose Patricia Slater because of her experience and they choose Sanibel Island because it is a romantic destination. Just north of Sanibel Island is Captiva Island which also provides an intimate destination for your island elopement.

bride and groom kiss

Sanibel Island Elopement


Elope to Sanibel and Captiva Islands

When you choose Sanibel and Captiva Islands you won’t need to consider formality. Sure, some couples dress with tux and gown. However, a simpler dress and khaki pants are all you need for a pleasant beach wedding ceremony. Patricia can arrange for a hairstylist to arrive to your hotel room, place an order for wedding flowers and make a reservation for your celebration dinner.

Sanibel and Captiva Islands have great restaurants, one with music and dancing. Patricia can provide information to suit your dining style. It is easy to reach the romantic Fort Myers, Sanibel Island area. The Fort Myers airport code is RSW, it is a small international airport which makes arrivals and departures easy. You can choose to rent a car at RSW and have a truly pleasant drive to the islands.

Sanibel beach elopement

Wedding on Sanibel Island


Fort Myers Florida Elopement packages

Recently, I received an email from a client looking for information on an elopement in Florida. Kelly wrote the following,

“My fiancĂ© Chris and I are hoping to elope, and very soon (within the next 30 days or maybe 45 days). I have been going to Sanibel Island since I was a child and always thought it would be lovely to be married on the beach there. I think he would have liked to go international, but I just don’t think that is going to be easy with travel and legal requirements. So, I did a search and found your website – you clearly have an understanding of what we are looking for with your intimate weddings!”

Sanibel beach wedding

Intimate beach wedding


Here is another testimonial for an elopement I planned for Bob and Monica for September 20. They arrived to Sanibel for a week with their sons. We met at the Thistle Lodge Restaurant and traveled a few minutes to my favorite beach for elopements. After sunset photos, we traveled back to the Thistle Lodge where they enjoyed a celebration dinner.

So, in July of 2020 Kelly and Chris arrived to Florida and chose Sanibel Island as their wedding venue. You will see their photographs just above this paragraph and on my homepage where they are walking together up the path from my secluded elopement beach.

Then, a few weeks after Kelly and Chris’s elopement to Sanibel, I received this email, “Today is day 28! We are so happy to be married. Thank you again for all your help and starting us off”.

Intimate Elopement by the Sea

Some couples choose to include close family and friends for their elopement. A local limousine company can bring your guests to the ceremony site. Patricia will arrange the transportation and timing that is necessary. To keep the ceremony simple, most guests enjoy standing during the wedding. If a few chairs are needed, this can be arranged. After the wedding your limo will take you and your guests to a local restaurant for your celebration dinner. When you are planning your intimate elopement, consider that in the summer our sunset is around 8:30pm, during the fall and winter the sunset ranges from 5:40pm to 6:15pm. This might be important when you consider travel arrangements and dinner reservations.

wedding couple

Elopement on Sanibel Island