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Vow Renewal Ceremony Information

Sanibel and Captiva Island Vow Renewals

Patricia Slater is a wedding officiant on Sanibel Isl<script type=Balmy breezes, endless gulf beaches and year-round sunshine make Sanibel and Captiva Islands one of the world’s most romantic destination locations for your marriage vow renewal. Your vow renewal ceremony on Sanibel Island can occur at sunrise by the Sanibel Lighthouse or at sunset at a private-residents only beach that I have access to. As a resident of this beautiful island for over 45 years, I can give direction for lodging, dining, flowers for your special ceremony day and photography. When a couple renew their wedding vows with their children, it is a great opportunity for family photographs.  This is also an excellent time for grandparents to be photographed with the grand children. It also tells your children how important marriage is to you as their parents. For those days before and after the vow renewal ceremony, there are miles of bicycle paths, beautiful nature, white sand beaches and gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. The vow renewal ceremony can be custom designed by you or choose my ceremony that most couples enjoy.


vow renewal with children

Rick and Joni recently wrote this beautiful commentary on the value of their vow renewal ceremony which was in June on Sanibel Island. They were joined by their children for their beach ceremony.

couple have fun after their vow renewal ceremony on Sanibel Isl<script type=

children jump on beach at parents' vow renewal ceremony husband and wife enjoy waves during photo session

Wedding vow renewal on Captiva Island

Aubrey and Shaun were married ten years ago by Patricia Slater and photographed by Frank Simonetti. Now ten years later they arrive to Captiva Island with the seven children for a vow renewal ceremony. Aubrey’s parents were in attendance along with Shaun’s mother and aunt. We started photographs at their cottage on Captiva. It began to lightly rain, so we hurried indoors until it stopped just a few minutes later. The children were wonderful and so very attentive and cooperative! We walked down the lane to the beach where Patricia began the ceremony. Afterwards we created more photographs of the children and sunset. Shown here are some of our favorite images we created of this vow renewal.

vow renewal with children on Captiva Island parents renew wedding vows with children

Vow Renewal on Sanibel Island after twenty years of marriage

I performed the wedding ceremony for Ronald and Sissy twenty years ago. It was ten years later that they arrived with their little children for a vow renewal. Well, in May 2018 they arrived again to Sanibel Island from their home in Austria for a vow renewal ceremony. With them were their three children one of which was just a baby when they were married on the beach. We allowed time for an enjoyable family photo session during this vow renewal on the beach. Shown here are some of my favorite pictures from their most recent vow renewal ceremony. Check out this link for the story and more photography of this Sanibel Island vow renewal.

family photo after parent's vow renewal ceremony

woman portrait on Sanibel beach brother and sister photo at vow renewal ceremony

Vow Renewal Venue with Family Photography Session

Sanibel Island is known for beautiful beaches and palm trees. The lighthouse on Sanibel Island is a great location for a marriage vows renewal ceremony. The area provides for nice family photo sessions with children and grandparents. Below are some family pictures of vow renewal ceremonies in Fort Myers and Sanibel Island.

vow renewal ceremony vow renewal ceremony on Sanibel Island picture of family at vow renewal ceremony


Vow Renewal ceremony on secluded Sanibel Island beach

Kathrin and Dennis arrived from Germany for their 2nd wedding anniversary. Their intimate ceremony was performed by Patricia at sunset. Shown here are some of our favorite photographs we captured.

 couple pose at sunset on Sanibel Islandfamily at beach wedding

Recent Vow Renewals on Sanibel Island

I performed a vow renewal ceremony at the South Seas Island Resort in June. It was a great opportunity to make a Captiva Island family photography session for this lovely family. We met at their condo at South Seas Resort and walked to the beach for a sunset ceremony. Visit  for a story and photographs of this vow renewal ceremony.

Shown here are two vow renewals I performed on March 12. The couples celebrated twenty and thirty years of marriage and happily said “I do” again.

married couple kiss on sanibel beach vow renewal photo session

Many couples enjoy renewing their vows whether it is one, thirteen or fifty years. As you continue your marriage covenant, my private beach on Sanibel Island is a perfect destination for your wedding vow renewal. The photographs below show a family that arrived to island recently for their vow renewal. The children enjoyed seeing their parents renew their marriage vows at my secluded Sanibel Island beach. The photographer thought it was a great opportunity to make family photographs in addition to the actual marriage vow renewal ceremony. Each of the children were photographed individually at during this beautiful day. During the ceremony, a sand and shell ceremony was performed. Each family member takes a few moments to walk the beach and find their favorite shell. The shell along with some fine beach sand is placed into an engraved ceremony vase.

vow renewal with children on beach

Vow Renewal with children on Sanibel Island

Michael and Maryanne were married on Sanibel Island last August in the presence of a few friends. It rained and we stood on the beach under big umbrellas. This year they returned with their children and renewed their wedding vows on Sanibel Beach with one of the most gorgeous sunsets we have ever seen. Patricia Slater made all the arrangements for both the wedding and the wedding vow renewal. This was the first visit for Kaitlin, Grace and Mickey. The teens frolicked on the beach and had fun collecting shells for the sand ceremony. The bride carried orchids which matched the girl’s colorful dresses. They ended the evening having dinner at the Jacaranda Restaurant.